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The intelligent (microprocessor controlled) high frequency sensor is an active motion detector that transmits high frequency electromagnetic waves and receives their echo, at the slightest movement in the detection zone the sensor detects the change in echo and triggers the command to switch the lamp on. Detection is possible through doors, glass windows and thin walls. The high frequency output is less than 1mW, that’s less than 1/1000th of the transmitter power of a mobile telephone.


An in-built photo-sensor provides sensitivity to the ambient light level and is adjustable to allow sunlight harvesting. When the Sun is providing sufficient light levels (for free) the lamp is switched off. When the LUX knob is turned clockwise fully towards the sun symbol ☼, the sensor will work the lamp at any light level (no harvesting). When the knob is turned anti-clockwise towards the moon symbol, the lamp will switch off at lower and lower LUX levels down to only 3 LUX of light (maximum harvesting).

The amount of time the lamp stays on for, after movement is detected, is also adjustable from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. When the TIME knob is turned clockwise fully towards the plus symbol, the lamp will work for 3 minutes after movement was last detected. When knob is turned fully anti-clockwise towards the minus symbol, the lamp will switch off after only 15 seconds, which is good for functional testing and demonstrating the unit.

The detection distance is also adjustable from approximately 1 to 10 m. When the Distance knob is turned clockwise fully towards the plus symbol, the detection distance will be approximately 8 to 10m. When knob is turned fully anti-clockwise towards the minus symbol, the detection distance will be approximately 1 to 2 m.

High Frequency Motion Sensor - Hidden and Practical:
The High Frequency sensitivity adjustable switch is especially suitable for vapour proof fittings as there is no need to drill any holes in the casing for installing. The HF Sensor can see through the casing and will operate and function from inside the fitting. Using intelligent and hi-tech features, referring to Doppler’s principle, when someone is moving within the sensors operating range the main lamp (controlled by sensor’s relay) will turn on automatically. The lamp will not turn off until everyone has left it’s operating range and no movement is detected for the full duration of the relay delay time

High Frequency Motion Sensor - Sensitive and Good for a British Climate Change:
Nowadays outdoor and indoor temperatures can easily exceed 33°C especially in ceiling, covered and roof areas and fall below 5°C just if someone leaves a door open! The problem with PIR systems is that they are heavily reliable on the environment being maintained within a narrow temperature range. PIR switches can rapidly and sharply decrease in sensitivity as temperatures rise above 33°C and even worse can fail completely (switch off) when the temperature drops to less than 5°C

High Frequency Intelligence – Not fooled by Radiators, Hot Pipes & Coffee Machines.
The Sensor can be triggered by any physical movement but is not heat sensitive like a PIR is. Unlike a PIR, it will not be triggered by the heated pipes at the back of refrigerators & air conditioning units or heaters and radiators switching on from off in the winter.

Voltage: AC 220V±10%/50Hz or AC 110V±10%/60Hz Detection Range: 2m to 8m
Relay Current: Switches up to 5A (1000W) Detection Angle: 180°
Sunlight Harvesting: 3 to 2000 LUX Sensitivity Operating Transmission Power: Less than 1 mW
Relay Delay Time: Adjustable from 15 sec. to 3 min. Safety: Adjustable Sensitivity and Anti-Jamming Functionality
Operational Temperature Range: -15°C to +50°C Dimensions: L104 x W52 x H30 mm
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