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i-giant emergency battery pack
The range of IGEM packs have been designed to suit all common T5 fluorescent luminaires. They all high efficiency lamps from 8 to 35Watts and for specific operation of lamps over 35Watts there is the HO range.

The compact dimensions provide flexibility for internal component layout and the pushwire terminals simplify manual or robotic assembly. Case temperature (tc) rated at 80C. The IGEM low profile modules fully comply with EN61347 and EN60925 There are two modes in which the pack can be configured and operated; Maintained and Non-maintained.

With the maintained configuration (most popular) fittings can be used as a normal light fitting, it can be switched on and off in the normal way, when the power supply is cut in an emergency the battery pack takes over and continues to run the lamp so the escape route is still illuminated.

With the Non-maintained configuration the lamp only lights up when the power goes off i.e. it is not lit the rest of the time. It has a normal power supply, which charges it's batteries and when it senses a power failure, it strikes the tube. The non-maintained is the less common configuration; it has one advantage, as the tube is off nearly all the time it is always "new" and ready to go.

In a maintained configuration (like the ECOSPLIT default), you can see that the tube is working, but it is also possible to have a dead tube and not notice it. That’s one reason why all emergency fittings should be regularly tested. Each fitting is ideally tested monthly and every 12 months they should be run for at least an hour but preferably until the batteries are run down completely. In this way the batteries which are sealed Nickel Cadmium can maintain a full charge, if you only partially discharge them they develop a "memory" and only part of their power is available.

All emergency fittings should have an indication LED, which shows that the batteries are charged and ready for action, if the LED is not lit then its time to replace the batteries.

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