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AdapT5 is a new technology to convert existing T12 & T8 fluorescent fittings to high efficient T5 lighting systems.

Out with the old fat T12's & T8's and in with new energy saving T5 tubes. For a realistic estimation just look up at the ceiling now and count £7 per tube (2ft, 4ft, 5ft are the most common sizes) saved every year when you've changed to adapT5 and use new flicker free low mercury, energy efficient T5 tubes.

50% Energy Saving & Better Light with AdapT5

The AdapT5 is a British high frequency ECG device (Electronic Control Gear) which allows you to change out dated and inefficient T12 & T8 fluorescent lamps to the new energy saving and environmentally friendly T5 fluorescent lamp, without changing the existing fitting.

Simple and easy installation of the AdapT5 components into the old style T12 & T8 fitting enables energy saving T5 fluorescent lamps to be installed and used immediately with up to 50% plus energy savings, improved lighting, lower maintenance costs and very real recycling and CO2 reduction benefits for the environment.

adapT5 instructions

Certification (Tested in UK):
The adapT5 Energy Saver has been awarded an EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY. 

The adapT5 Energy Saver complies with:

  • BSEN55015 - Emissions Standard for Lighting Equipment.
  • BS EN55015 - Radiated Emissions.
  • BS EN55015 - Conducted Emissions AC Ports.
  • BS EN61000-3-2 - Harmonic Current Emissions.
  • BS EN61000-3-3 - Voltage Fluctuation Flicker.
  • BS EN61547 - Immunity Standard for General Lighting.
  • BS EN61000-4-2 - Electrostatic Discharge.
  • BS EN61000-4-3 - Radiated Immunity.
  • BS EN61000-4-4 - Fast Transient Bursts.
  • BS EN61000-4-5 - Surges.
  • BS EN61000-4-6 - Conducted Immunity.
  • BS EN61000-4-11- Voltage Dips.
  • BS EN61000-4-11- Voltage Interruptions.
  • Tested and reported by Electromagnetic Testing Services Ltd (ETS):
Accredited by the Federal Communications Commission.  
  • Registered under the Rail Industry Supplier Qualification and Registration Scheme for EMC Services.
  • Approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency for testing Automotive ESA Devices.
  • International Associate of Radio Technical Commission for Aeronatics (RTCA)
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